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Social Media Management

Social media has made a big transition over the last few years from a place where people connected personally to friends and families to a place where individuals connect with larger companies and brands. This has opened up opportunities for brands to become more engaged with their client base and to reach new customers organically. Loyal brand followers can quickly become your own brand ambassadors, as they use their own social networks to promote your brand or product.

But social media only works as a business tool when it's managed correctly. When you work with Amazio, you get access to managed social media services. We can take care of all of your social media management for you so you can build your social network and profile while still focusing on running your business.

No matter what size your business is, here are some ways Amazio can help you with social media management.

Social networks

Knowing which social networks work best for your brand is crucial for making sure you're reaching your audience in the most effective way possible. Amazio understands the needs of businesses in different industries and can help you determine which social networks are the most valuable for your business. Here's a brief rundown of some of the more popular social networks.


Facebook is still the most prevalent social network out there. Most businesses can benefit from having a Facebook page that lists their relevant contact information to make it easy for customers and future clients to find them. If your business offers services (such as a salon or auto shop), you can also use Facebook to schedule appointments. Facebook is also a good platform to use to generate organic reviews from users.


A lot of people forgot about Google+, but it has its place in business. Setting up a Google+ account with your address is important if you want to show up in local searches. Search engines will often pull information from Google+ instead of your webpage, so you could be missing out on valuable traffic by not having a profile set up.


Because it's picture-heavy, Instagram is useful for businesses that are product-based or have a lifestyle component.


Because Twitter puts you in direct, instant communication with your users, it's a good platform to use if your business is heavily social and relies on direct interaction with customers.

Social media posts

One benefit social media has over other types of online platforms is it allows brands and companies to directly interact with their followers and fans through engaging posts. These posts can range from company promotions, "behind the scenes" looks at how your company works, inspirational quotes, fun images, or anything else that's relevant to your company and situates you as a thought leader in your industry.

Posting regularly on your chosen social media platforms is important to keep engagement among your followers strong and to make sure you're being seen as an industry leader. A good social media strategy combines posts about your business with relevant posts about the industry. You might publish a blog post one day and then share an insightful article from a competitor the next day.

Keeping up with your social media posts is time-consuming and is easy to let fall by the wayside as you get into the daily grind of running your business. Amazio's managed social media services will create and publish engaging posts to all of your social media platforms.

Content and imaging services

If you just aren't sure what you want to say or how you want it to look, count on Amazio to help your brand shine. Our content and imaging services will ensure your social media posts are written to reflect your brand's tone and voice, and the images accurately represent your company.

Content creation is an art, and it's something we take very seriously at Amazio. Our team of content creators will get to know your brand and your style so we can use your words, tone, and voice to create engaging pieces of content your followers will love and share.

Social engagement, commenting, monitoring

The most important part of any social media strategy is to keep an engaging conversation going with your followers. Amazio's managed social media services include monitoring your social media pages, deleting any irrelevant or violating comments, and responding to questions, complaints, and comments from your followers. Whether you have 1,000 followers or 1,000,000, Amazio will handle the engagement aspect of your social media platforms so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Analytics and reporting

Understanding what works and what doesn't is crucial to maximize your social media presence. With accurate social media analytics and reporting, Amazio will make sure you're always aware of what your engagement is and what needs to be improved. We'll use real-time analytics and reporting to adjust your strategy when needed so you can focus on the social media platforms that are getting the best response from your followers.

Smart scheduling

You don't need to be online at all times of the day to get your social media posts scheduled. Amazio's smart scheduling software lets you create, batch, proof, and schedule your social media posts in advance. Use your analytics to determine the best times of day to post to your social media platforms, then set your posts up ahead of time. You can schedule your posts for the week in minutes, which saves you valuable time and still ensures your social media pages are providing useful and engaging content for your followers.

Our social media services are provided as a managed service, which means you don't have to worry about keeping track of your social media pages anymore. Amazio can help you with everything from deciding which social media platforms to use to helping you schedule amazing and engaging posts to help you build a social media following that will improve your overall online presence and help situate you as a leader in your field.